The Gita: its beginning and the end are highly suggestive

The problem posed at the outset of the Gita is well answered in the last shloka of the Gita. Reflect over the two shlokas to discover inherent logic. The first shloka of the Gita धृतराष्ट्र उवाच धर…

Source: The Gita: its beginning and the end are highly suggestive



This gathering of  the treasure of affluence,

This gathering through force and deception;

By snatching even morsels from the famished,

By  looting resources even of the weak.

Amassing all under  the vigil of guards,

They bid all others  to keep silence;

They think the  world overbrims with  peace,

Hence none should  put poison in it.

Be still and let the blood of your heart,

Be a potion of delight to us;

Let the reign of peace prevail,

It is better to live and let live.


Peace never dawns in the world till

All humans are  equal in happiness;

None should have a lot more than their need.

Nor should anyone  have  less than what he needs.


Who is the sinner? Tell me the answer,

Those who thieve humans of their justice,

Or those who in the quest of justice,

Chops off the head of the sinister derelict?

Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’ in Kurukshetra

                                      [Translated into English by Shiva Kant Jha]