Quote 1: Life and thoughts of Krishna are unique

“Nowhere in the world literature we notice in one personality the capacity to suffer and the capacity to create expressed so fully as in Sita, and also in Krishna. Sita suffered in her life the most excoriating distresses with tongue-tied patience, but never swerved from Her duty and mission, never ceased to provide the examples of the noblest conduct in life. She was, it seems, a devastating arrow shot off from the Earth’s bow, which returned back after striking the target. Krishna too had his moments of great distresses: to be born in a prison, to part company from his parents, made to face the monsters out to destroy Him, to become the target of the demonic kings. He witnessed His failure in convincing Duryodhana not to tread on the path of impropriety, and, at the end, He experienced his failure in convincing his own men in the Prabhas Teerth not to tread on the road to their destruction. Sita sank into the Earth bidding adieu to the world of humans; Krishna went to the forest to breathe His last under the peepal tree away from even the dearest ones. Both reached the state of parama vairagya (perfect renunciation). The peaks of our sufferings are always lesser than theirs. Every broken spirit amongst us can draw strength to suffer, yet live, for higher cause as perceived through karma-sannyasa. Such feelings bring about revolutionary changes in one’s spiritual make-up enabling one to face life as it comes without grudge or grumble. Sita and Krishna teach us the art of life at its best.”

Shiva Kant Jha’s ON THE LOOM OF TIME The Portrait of My Life and Times Chapt. 1 at p. 21)


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