Quote 12: The grammar of revolution

The Bhagavad-Gita ends with certain propositions, which seem to me to constitute the very grammar of a revolution (Ch. XVIII.78). It boils down to this: where, on the high altitude of graph, the lines of thought (represented by Krishna) and of action (represented by Arjuna) meet, we have a revolution; but where they meet at low altitudes we get mere revolutionary sparks. We see that in our country, both the lines are at low point these days. But the Mahabharata tells us never to forget the principles of Justice in human affairs. Such ideas, recurrent in our cultural oeuvre, were excellently summarized by Shri Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’ in his epic Kurukshetra:…….

(Who is the sinner? Tell me the answer,
He who robs humans of their justice,
Or he who in the quest of justice,
Chops off the head of the sinister derelict?)


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