The Geeta at the most central point of the consciousness of those who see and reflect on the imageries at the Supreme Court of India


  The murals

“The mural on the tiles between the two entrances from the Judges’ wing to the Chief Justice’s Court display lotuses in full bloom on the top and at the bottom of the rectangle at the centre of which the Dharmachakra is portrayed. The lotuses tell our Hon’ble Judges what constitutes the very basic ideas of the Administration of Justice. A lotus grows above water, with its tendrils inside water and mud, teaching how to live and work with detachment. This quality of the art of life has been expressed in the Bhagavad-Gita through the profoundly suggestive expression: (Ch. V.10) which has been thus rendered in English:

‘Offering actions to Brahman,

Having abandoned attachment,

He acts untainted by evil

As lotus leaf is not wetted’”

Shiva Kant Jha’s ON THE LOOM OF TIME The Portrait of My Life and Times  Chapt. 19 at p. 250)

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