About the Author

“In the journey of time, there are very few individuals who strike one as being brave, courageous and deeply learned. I had the privilege of witnessing your arguments, reading your articles and above all a deeply profound learned approach to the legal profession and your daring views on vexed subjects of conscientious economic investment. There are many vital issues of national interest which you have touched upon during your addresses before the Court. In addition, in the modern world, there is bound to be a collusion between spiritual pursuits and the non-transparent and untruthful mechanisms typifying human greed and selfishness. But the voice of Reason which is often a subtle quotient of the Divine which resides in each human body, to be distinctly fearless, to speak with courage, to confront authority, and to stand up with simplicity symbolizes a rare component of human courage.”

Shri Gopal Subramanium Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of India, & former Solicitor-General of India

Shri Shiva Kant Jha was born in 1937 in the family of distinguished freedom fighters who had played commendable role in India’s Struggle for Freedom. He too had gone through the pleasures and pain of the great National Struggle for Freedom. He did his M.A. in Constitutional and International Law. After a stint as a permanent post-graduate lecturer in the Magadh University, he joined the Indian Revenue Service in 1964, and retired in 1998 from the post of the Chief Commissioner of Income Tax.

He had been enrolled as an advocate in 1976 and joined the Supreme Court Bar as a member in 1997. He conducted some great PILs at the Delhi High Court, and the Supreme Court of India. In the ‘Indo Mauritius tax treaty abuse Case’, his work was appreciated by the Delhi High Court in the judgment itself [(2002) 256 ITR 563 (Del.)]. The Court observed:

“that the Central Govt. will be well advised to consider the question raised by Shiva Kant Jha who has done a noble job in bring into as to how the Govt. of India had been losing crores and crores of rupees by allowing opaque system to operate.”

He was for about 15 years a paper-setter and examiner for the LL.M. Examination of the Calcutta, Patna and Nagpur Universities. His books, The Juducial Role in Globalised Economy, and Final Act of WTO: Abuse of Treaty-Making Power have received wide appreciation. His legal acumen got him a reference in Property Problems in the Law of Sales written by T.B. Smith, a jurist of international eminence. He has written several articles on diverse topics (literature, law, jurisprudence, public interest, and the Indo-US Nuclear Deal etc.) that can be read on his website www.shivakantjha.org. He is the founder-secretary of the ‘Gopi Kant Jha-Draupadi Devi Charitable Trust’, and is the Dircetor of the ‘The Veenapani Bhagavad Gita Swadhyaya Kendra’.

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