Portrait of My Life and Times

(Book 1: The Fragrant Years; Book II: A Cog in the Machine; Book III: Illusion & Reality)

An Autobiographical Memoir of Shiva Kant Jha: 2nd Edition (Revised & Enlarged)

“A fascinating life story beautifully rendered”

Noam Chomsky

Institute Professor & Professor ( Emeritus) of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

SC Certificate of Honour given to Mr Shiva Kant Jha
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SC Certificate of Honour given to Mr Shiva Kant Jha
Certificate of Honour given by Chief Justice of India on the Law Day Function for
authoring the book “On The Loom of Time: An Authobiographical Memoir” to Mr. Shiva Kant Jha.


  1. Certificate of Honour
  2. Appreciation and Comments
  3. Important Information for my Readers
  4. Contents
  5. Message from Dr. Justice Vineet Kothari
  6. Preface to the Second Edition
  7. Foreword by Hon’ble Mr Justice R.C. Lahoti, Former Chief Justice of India
  8. Appreciation by Shri Shanti Bhushan, Senior Advocate & former Law Minister of the Union of India
  9. Observation by Dr. Justice G.C. Bharuka, Former Actg. Chief Justice, Karnataka High Court
  10. Overview by Shri Shailendra Kumar, CEO & Managing Editor,
  11. Preface to the First Edition
  12. List of Photographs
  13. Introduction
  14. Thematic Structure of the Memoir

Book 1: The Fragrant Years

  1. Chapter 1: My Land My People
  2. Chapter 2: My Ancestors
  3. Chapter 3: Profile of my Father
  4. Chapter 4: Portrait of my Mother
  5. Chapter 5: My Birth: My Odyssey Thus Began
  6. Chapter 6: My Childhood Days: The Halcyon Years
  7. Chapter 7: My Adolescence: On Swimming Through the Rainbow
  8. Chapter 8: The Flowering of my Mind: My Academic World

Photographs from Book 1

Book 2: A Cog in the Machine

  1. Chapter 9: On Joining Civil Service
  2. Chapter 10: My First Innings at Patna – Part I
  3. Chapter 11: My First Innings at Patna – Part II
  4. Chapter 12: Patna : My Second Innings
  5. Chapter 13: Plight of our Public Administration – Extracts from the Shah Commission of Inquiry Report
  6. Chapter 14: My Years at Nagpur
  7. Chapter 15: My Phases in Calcutta, now Kolkata
  8. Chapter 16: My Reflections on The Income-Tax Law
  9. Chapter 17: My Reflections on The Income-Tax Administration
  10. Chapter 18: On My Retirement

Photographs from Book 2

Book 3: Illussion and Reality

  1. Chapter 19: Understanding the Imageries at The Supreme Court of India
  2. Chapter 20: My Reflections on Krishna & The Galaxy of the Great (The Galaxy in which Krishna, the Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Marx and Gandhi scintillate
  3. Chapter 21: Our Constitution at Work
  4. Chapter 22: Our Democratic Republic and its great Institutions
  5. Chapter 23: Profile of a Public Interest Lititgation in Revenue Matters (The abuse of the Indo-Mauritius Double Taxation Avoidance Convention Case
  6. Chapter 24: Our Worldview & the Trends of our Times
  7. Chapter 25: Certain Stories as my ‘Objective Correlatives’
  8. Chapter 26: The Realm of Darkness: The Triumph of Corporatocracy
  9. Chapter 27: Veenapani (My Wife)
  10. Chapter 28: From Darkness to Light: My Reflections on the Black Money Case & on the Anna Hazare Movement
  11. Chapter 29: The Portrait of our Time
  12. Chapter 30: A Miscellany of my Ideas from My Personal Journal
  13. Chapter 31: Some Reflections on my Life’s Sonnet: The Closing Chapter

Photographs from Book 3

  1. Postscript I: Further Reflections on our Anti-Corruption Movement: Challenge & Response
  2. Postscript II: Some of my Recommendatroy Comments for our Government and Citizenry to Consider
  3. Postscript III: What I Believe
  4. Postscript IV: SIT on Black Money: The First Decision of the Modi Government
  5. Postscript V: The Destiny of our Nation: The Advent of Narendra Modi
  6. Postscript VI: Reflections on the Constitution of India: Ambit of the Constitutional Restraints on the Treaty-Making Power
  7. Appendix to Postscript VI: Global Economy: A Deal with the Devil


  1. INDEX


Complete Book: On The Loom of Time: Second Edition
(Revised and Enlarged)