Krishna and his Bhagwat-Gita

[A Miscellany of Quotes from Shiva Kant Jha’s ON THE LOOM OF TIME The Portrait of My Life and Times (Second Edition, enlarged and revised), December 2014]

Quote 1: Life and Thoughts of KRISHNA are unique

Quote 2: Most of our leaders, whose sacrifices led us to our Political Independence, drew sustenance from the Geeta to stand erect even in most testing moments

Quote 3: The Geeta gives cosmic perspective, and teaches us the Art of Living

Quote 4: The Ways of God and the Destiny of the Humans

Quote 5: The historicity and reality of Krishna

Quote 6: The Central ideas of the Geeta briefly stated

Quote 7: Krishna’s Bhagavad-Gita provides a remedy against the ‘moral deficit’ of our times our Problem: the ‘Wallace Syndrome’

Quote 8: The Bhagavad-Gita’s Prescription

Quote 9: Our Guide to Duties, and the standards for evaluating actions

Quote 10: The Imperatives of the grammar of life

Quote 11: Idea of Krishna in comparative context

Quote 12: The grammar of revolution

Quote 13: People’s right to revolt

Quote 14: Our ‘Constitutional Socialism’: Historical Perspective

Quote 15: We are, when all is said, incorrigible optimists

Quote 16: Democracy and the invigourating Gita

Quote 17: The Geeta at the most central point of the consciousness of those who see and reflect on the imageries at the Supreme Court of India

Quote 18: The grammar of existence: Dharma

Quote 19: The Geeta at the most central point of the consciousness of those who read and reflect on the inscriptions on Parliament

Quote 20: The Idea of Secularism and ‘Dharma

Quote 21: The basic structure of the Constitution

Quote 22: Shri Krishna’s Relevance to our Country’s Governance

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